About Me

The Goddess Lives Within My Heart. The Great Goddess, She Lives Within Me.

The Goddess Lives Within My Heart. The Great Goddess, She Lives Within Me.

Hi therE!

I'm Jenna, and what a sacred joy it is to be here, writing these words to you today. A year ago, I would have never imagined I'd be brave enough to show myself on the internet in this way... so scary! So many judgements! How could I possibly ever compete with all the others out there?? 

And you know what I realized? 

I can't. 

So I have decided to stop trying! Here, I am committing to being uniquely myself, and maybe just maybe through that I can somehow help YOU find the courage in yourself to be uniquely you, too. 

It is ok to be all of you. It's ok to love every part. The "good," the "bad,” the irreverent and the sublime.

We can be both/and. 

I came to this path of feminine healing and soulful embodiment through a deep-seated feeling that somehow, despite all my experiences and society telling me otherwise, I wasn't broken. Not even close.

As with many strong women, I am the survivor of sexual assault and trauma, domestic violence and varied forms of abuse. I share and claim the power of my own story not for your sympathy but to remind you that no matter what your story is in life, the healing balm of self-love can soften even the toughest of blows and heal even the deepest of wounds.

In my quest to understand, heal from and integrate the emotional pain encoded through these formative experiences, I came to learn for myself all the ways I had been sabotaging my own soul, denying my truth and hiding my own soul's light.

Through the process of uncovering all the parts of myself I had at one point or another deemed unworthy, I learned how to cocoon myself within a space of deep, unconditional, unquestioning love. 

As an organic outgrowth of the relationship I have honed with this bottomless well of unconditional love within me, it is now my sacred honor to hold space for others to find within themselves this same well of unending love.

During the years spent healing, repairing and reviving my feminine soul, I came to know intimately many varied healing modalities through both personal experience and formal study. I have studied and embodied through daily practice yogic traditions including Kundalini and Womb yogas, Womb Awakening, Divine Feminine Archetypyal Embodiment, Intuitive Tarot, Chakra Therapy, Herbalism and Therapeautic Breathwork - to name but a few! While all those pretty pieces of paper are lovely, at the end of the day, it's been my experience that the True Medicine lies in simply walking the path. There's no other way to "get there", no magic training to complete that clears every layer of personal shit...I walk this path of feminine mystery embodiment every day. This is the way of my life now, and I celebrate the ability to welcome others into their bodies and their brilliance through this work, however it may look as the days and nights draw onward. 

When choosing to work with me as a facilitator, you can know that I carry within me the red, golden and silver threads of every lineage I have initiated into. It is my sacred honor to sing the songlines of your soul and lovingly guide and support you in your process of feminine reclamation and embodied soulful healing.  

When not travelling around the world visiting sites sacred to the Divine Feminine and leading (or attending!) immersive healing retreats in remote locations, I call southeastern Wisconsin home. I work from home as a tarot reader and energy healer, beaming love across the oceans via the wonders of the internet. I live on a healing island in a sacred lake along with my husband and our two cats, where we choose to live simply, so we may in abundance simply live. As a result of this lifestyle, I am blessed to be able to serve others without attachment to end goals or bottom lines. It is my honor and sacred duty to offer my services to those in need on a sliding scale, and if you find yourself longing for feminine healing space but worrying about how to afford these services, please reach out. You do not have to suffer alone, and we are all in this together.

In prayerful wonder, feminine devotion and embodied delight, I wish you love from my radiant womb-heart to yours.

May you know that you are blessed, for indeed, you are the blessing.