There is a Goddess who lies deep within you - She is the sacred Source within your soul.

You know She is there, you have felt her within you...

the time has come to call Her forth,

divine sister.

Let your life blossom through the grace of your own wild radiant goddess Self.

It's time, my sister - you are ready.

join me and learn to

Embody the Goddess Within.




Are you ready to awaken to your own soul's power, and to fully embody the radiant goddess you were born to be?


I have heard the Call of the Wild Feminine within me - I have a feeling you may have heard her vibrant song too.

She is passionate and unbridled, searingly honest while still unconditionally loving. She is fierce yet forgiving, primal yet keenly intelligent. She is wild, untamed - no mortal thing can tame the fire of her light, the ferocity and the absolute radiance of pure Shakti.

This eternal emanation of the Goddess expresses through each one of us uniqely, and it is up to us individually to reclaim our personal sovereignty and awaken to the presence of the Divine Feminine within us.  

Are you ready to reclaim Her?  To embody Her wisdom within your sacred body? The world waits for YOU, my love - we are ready for the gifts you have to share, we are hungry for the truth only you can speak.

Awaken to Her within yourself, Awaken to your own power. 

Photo Credit - Sonia Horowitz

Photo Credit - Sonia Horowitz

She is your birthright, this Embodied Wise Woman.

The Goddess Lives Within You.

To activate Her power in your life is to reclaim your own personal sovereignty.

This gift of this embodied sovereignty can open you into a life of divine pleasure, radical ecstasy and untamed authenticity. Upon opening to your soul's gifts and your inner Goddess, you become magnetic - the paradigm of striving gets to fall away as you open into the possibility of abundantly thriving.

What could it look like for you to thrive, my love?

How would it feel for you to Know deep in your very bones the Truth that you are supported, held, nurtured and encouraged every step of the way along your life path?

What could you draw to yourself if you simply allowed yourself to stop striving and instead allowed ease, grace and flow?

I want you to see your own brilliance, to know your own strength and your authentic, radiant grace. I want to help you recognize the spark of divinity within your soul and allow that spark to shine.

Imagine the power of an entire collective awakening to their own sovereignty - reclaiming the Goddess Light within themselves, one seeded womb-heart at a time.

Can you feel the ripple of MAGIC this work unleashes? It’s time, the world is ready.

Let’s do this!

We are the change, sweet ones. Are you ready to reclaim all of yourself and live life truly in your body?

The time has come for your Remembering. 


Every part of you is sacred

awaken to your power

My loves, I wish to remind you: You carry a unique and sacred soul signature, a song of Remembering only you can birth into the world. Let us together step into the healing temple of the Divine Feminine and remember our birthright, our own sacred name - let us remember the Great Goddess lives within. 

 It is with love in my heart and faith hope and trust in my womb that I invite you to join me for a 10-month journey into the heart of the Feminine Mysteries.

Through this course you will learn:

  • How and why to chart your menstrual cycle

  • How and why to establish a daily sadhana

  • Yogic, Tantric and Daoist practices to heal, awaken and empower the Womb

  • Ayurvedic food and lifestyle tools to deeply nourish your sacred body temple and strengthen your soul/body connection

  • Ancient healing mantras of the Goddess

  • A way to practice the art of Feminine Prayer

  • Mystic teachings on magic, manifestation, magnetism, and menses

  • Practical, applicable and relatable tools to support you in every facet of your life

And my sisters, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Through this course, you will also receive: 

  • Bi-weekly (with the moons), 1.5-hour live and interactive video teaching circles via Zoom

  • Recordings of all circles available after each class

  • Weekly videos, worksheets, suggested reading and more to assist in further deepening

  • Instructions and all details for individual and collective rituals to activate your Inner Goddess

  • Detailed syllabus outlining monthly, weekly, and daily invitations or "om-work assignments"

  • 3 Womb Mentor coaching sessions with Jenna, one each trimester, to support your deep dive and anchor embodiment of your innate divinity.

  • Additional services, workshops and resources available for an 11% gratitude discount.

It is my hearts prayer and deep soul intention that this offering of love support you profoundly in the blossoming of your own soul’s light - the Embodiment of your Inner Goddess.

Beginning on the New Moon in January 2019, I am opening the virtual temple doors for thirteen committed women to join in the circle and explore together the rich and vibrant path of Feminine Embodiment. If your soul sings and your womb warms at the thought of joining in this first ever Embody the Goddess e-circle, please know you are so, so welcome and it is my great pleasure to support you in this process.

Welcome home to yourself.

If your soul is singing and your womb rejoicing at the thought of gathering with me and other divine goddesses to remember for ourselves the sacredness of our own selves, please see below to schedule your absolutely free exploratory video call with me. Together, we will explore how Embody the Goddess can support your soul, and if you’re a good fit for this deep dive into feminine alchemical embodiment.

Photo Credit - Sonia Horowitz

Photo Credit - Sonia Horowitz