Jenna Steep


I wear my hair short
To remember - reclaim
To take back what is rightfully mine.

I wear my hair short
To remind me of me
And all the ways
I used to hide.

I wear my hair short
Because once, I forgot
My divinity was always inside.

I wear my hair short
To reclaim my soul-shine
And remember, 
It’s about what’s inside.

The face doesn’t matter
Not the story, not the shame. 
It’s not about who I was
Before I died.

Before I died to myself
And I died to my own lies
And I died to be re-born

At the end of the day
What was once
Will always be,
For the soul-light within me has come home.

I remember who I came here to be.

It’s not about you, or him - it’s me! 
I declare, I’ll be all of me
I’ll be me as no one else but me.

I remember I am free
So I help set others free
From the light of my soul
May other see.

I’ll stop pretending
Stop defending
Stop repenting endlessly.

I don’t need apology
To reclaim all of me
No more hiding
Only true clarity.

The stories don’t matter
I let them go,
I let them shatter.

I’m ready to be all of me
In full, authentic glory.

Hiding doesn’t suit me
Shirking, I cannot shine. 
So I honor we are all divine.


Don’t forget - your stories don’t define you, friends. You can reshape reality with your own divinity. Remember all you came here to be!