I Really Don't Know

I’d like to publicly announce:

I do not have it all figured out.

I am a work in serious progress.

I have grown and learned and healed and stretched, but I still feel most days like I’m running blind.

I do not have every answer, and I’m not even sure about most of the questions.

I am here for love, for the beloved Goddess in all life - this, I know for sure.

Aside from that?

Yeah. I’m just sort of making it up as I go along.

You too?


Let’s make it up together, hand in hand and hearts together.

Our perfectly perfect imperfections are really such treasure troves of uniqueness and delight. Our foibles are a soul signature of progress!

I’m here to be all of myself, every shadow and every sunbeam, every storm cloud and every rainbow.

Every misstep, too. No need for that silly shame game.

If you are too, let’s celebrate together every aspect of the Wholeness we are and make sure to forgive ourselves through all our learning curves and growing pains.

It’s ok to not be perfect! It is so ok to fail!

When I fall I know I’m never alone. May that Knowing surround you too.