How Could You, How Dare You?

Jenna Steep

August 15

I’ve been with the deep processing and healing of an inner wound recently, and the archetypal questions which have continually arisen are in line with this feeling of “how could you, how dare you?”

As I speak these feelings more into the world, I have heard them echoed time and time again - different story, different wound...same feeling of “how could you, how dare you?” Across continents, genders, races and age groups, it’s like we are all facing this right now. We are all feeling (or, at least invited to feel) the festering wound of betrayal in our own lives.

Feeling the invitation as a call to really deepen into that sense of betrayal, rage, disgust...all of it. It’s up for /all/ of us in some way. So let’s work with it!! Go into it!

Don’t shy away from it. It’s medicine, I promise.

...sometimes, the strongest medicine has the worst taste. Doesn’t mean we don’t need it.

I don’t have an answer about how precisely to shift it or when these strong questions and feelings will move through, but I do have a Knowing that, at least for me right now, staying with it and fully allowing myself to feel those feelings IS the healing balm. Honoring that sometimes I really just want to scream “fuck you go back to hell where you belong” (and I don’t even believe in hell!) and to BE OK WITH THAT is helping me to see and love up all the parts of myself that have held stories of betrayal and devastation over the years.

Such profound and lasting healing is available inside this container of radical acceptance of self.

I implore you, do not run from your fears, your primal fury or your destructive rage. Run into it with open arms. Listen to yourself. Hold the parts of you still frozen in shock, and let the fire of your love melt the ice around your heart as it screams, cries, draws, sings (whatever it is!!) out those deeply seated emotions.

Who would you be without the wound of betrayal?

What could it feel like to trust 100% in every moment that life is happening for you?

How would your life be different if you knew, no matter what, you would never, ever betray yourself again?

It’s possible.

I love you. I love ME. Together, we got this.