Sister Shadows

That same sharp wound
Rears it’s head yet again. 
Sister shadow, shadow grief, shadow shame.

Shedding like snakes, 
In heart together, we now rise - 
The triggers are part of the work.

Facing deep shadows
With courage and grace
No more shirking, we are again, always whole.

Let all that will
Need to be cleared
Rise up and off like dross - it’s time.

Polishing, polishing -
Preparing to shine, 
Silver threads twinkling in the pale moonlight.

Jenna Steep, Leo solar eclipse, 13th August, 2018


We made it, friends!! Congrats on surviving the eclipse wormhole - that was intense, eh?

Let’s celebrate the newfound space within ourselves, and the unique brilliance of each individuated soul.

Here’s to ever more magic and grace!