Tarot Treasures

Jenna Steep

August 1 at 11:28 AM · 

I really, really love offering tarot readings for people. I don’t do them all the time, but they feel like such Dharmic blessings each time I do.

I think of each reading as a doorway into a whole new world (feel free to read that as if I’m singing that song at the top of my lungs 😆)...when we align prayerfully, humbly, and with great respect and love into the space of deep Listening, the guidance is without fail profoundly relevant - to both reader and recipient. And always, always, always, these readings are rooted in unconditional love.

Tarot is but one door through which we can gain access to these vast dimensional portals of possibility - there are as many doorways to this place as there are people!

But/and, as I continue to hone my /own/ “magic door” finding abilities, there is a certain sort of presence that happens through continued work with the tarot...a settling, and a deeper sense of trust, and a quiet Knowing. As this happens, each time the gates of wisdom open and love pours forth.

I am truly so humbled to be able to offer these readings for people. It brings me such joy to know they are read and re-read, used as lamps and signposts along the path of life...may the blessings of each one continue to ripple as they have, blessing the lives of each one who receives a reading, and the lives all those touched by those beloveds as well.

If you’re loving the idea of a tarot reading rooted in this way, I do still have space for YOU in my heart and in my calendar. Reach out anytime to explore how I may help support your soul’s shining, and know you are never, not ever alone.

You are so loved!