Drink Deep

Inner conflict

Ticking time bomb

How long ‘til you just

Give in?

“The Sickness” would overtake you

But does it even suit you?

Or in the end, is it all

Just for pretend?

Posturing does not befit you

Lying will not do.

Stop trying to blend in, little dove

You’re not the same,

Stop trying.

Go to the source,

To The Source -

Your Source,

And drink deep of all you find there.

All that fury, all that rage,

Drink deep of it and reclaim.

Your ripened fruit

In obeisance

(feign respect)

Surrendered and gave up the fight.

No more fight to give

No more damns - all gone.

Drink deep

Reclaim your bitter, deep truth.

That bitter truth,

It cleanses you

It wipes the rulebook clean.

Bitter medicine, healing medicine,

“I will only speak the Truth.”

Bitter medicine, healing medicine,

Drink deep and you’ll be renewed.

What evil have they done to you?

No evil cannot be undone.

Love heals.