Proud to Be

In the past ten days, I:

- led my very first women’s retreat with my soul sister Sonia Horowitz (It was AMAZING, next one already in the works!)

- launched my very first online teaching offering (I’ll post the link in the comments. I’m really f-ing proud of it, and it will change the lives of a lot of women as it and I grow)

- got suuuuuuuuuuuuuper triggered by the incessant and irrelevant news cycle (so much so, I forgot my own light for a couple days - that was rough!)

- asked for help and then GOT IT!!!

- took a leap of faith and put money I don’t really have down on a trip to (wait for it) MALAYSIA for a month to study and embody Tantra with a living master of the living goddess tradition. Yes please!

- started recording on an album of womb-songs and heart-prayers penned and sung by yours truly, with the help of a whole host of incredibly talented, wise and kind musicians. (Stay tuned for more details on this beauty-thread - so much still revealing here!)

All while dealing with a migraine that wouldn’t quit for two weeks and a whole bevy of other problems decidedly 3D. I’m done waiting, hiding, excusing myself from the work of my soul. It’s time.


I have faced more of my deepest fears in the past two weeks than I have in my entire life leading up to them...and I’m not really one to run from fear, so that’s saying something.

I know posting here can sometimes be like shouting into a void...but you know what? I’m gotta shout anyway. I have never been more proud of myself, more awed of my own strength, grace and beauty, or more inspired and encouraged to reach higher and dream bigger. It’s not always easy, this work of embodiment. But it IS worth it, I absolutely promise.

What I’m doing with Embody the Goddess, with this album, with every single day of this holy, precious life is offering up a different way...a way of love, of grace, of hope and of trust.

This is important. I don’t need to scream to tell other people about it, or worry when someone tells me it’s crazy. I’ll not stop or be quiet just because I worry some people might not get it, either.

If you don’t get it, I’m not talking to you.
I love you, scroll on.

This is HUGE work. I know I’m not the only one doing it, and I am so comforted by that knowing. I wouldn’t wish a moment of the tension of these last two weeks on anyone. But the magic? That, I wish for EVERYONE.

What about you, my friends?
What are you celebrating in your life?
How have you shown up for yourself and your dreams despite the worldly struggles?

In case anyone else hasn’t told you today, I’m proud of you. You’re alive in this world, you’re here, you’re blessing us all just by your ripple.

Thank you.

You matter more than you may ever know.