She composes from the depths of her soul

Hi! I'm Shri, and what a sacred joy it is to be here. As "healer" or mentor, coach or friend, I am committed to embodying the wholeness of divinity beyond dichotomy, and supporting all who come my way in their own blossoming into wholeness, too.

I came to this path of holy feminine healing and soulful embodiment through a deep-seated longing for healing and an unquenchable thirst for Truth.

As a now-thriving survivor of abuse of many kinds in the early parts of my life, I know the work it takes to heal from within, and I share and claim the power of my own process trusting that it may serve to remind you that no matter what your story is in life, the healing balm of self-love can soften the toughest of blows and heal the deepest of wounds.

In my quest to understand, heal from and integrate the emotional pain encoded through these formative violent experiences, I came to learn for myself all the ways I had been sabotaging my own soul, denying my most intimate truths and hiding my own soul's light. In so doing, I become empowered to step beyond the stories of my past and into a place of remembering divinity through the portal of my own being.

Through the process of uncovering all the parts of myself I had at one point or another deemed unworthy, I learned how to cocoon myself within a space of deep, unconditional, unquestioning love. 

As an organic outgrowth of the relationship I have honed with this bottomless well of unconditional love within me, it is now my sacred honor to hold space for others to find within themselves this same well of unending love.

On a practical level, I have studied, embodied and intiated into a vast number of traditional and alternative modalities. I hold advanced certifications in therapeutic yoga nidra, yoni shakti (pussy power!) yoga, kundalini yoga, womb awakening, tarot reading, reiki, crystal healing, herbalism, radionics and holotropic breathwork.

While all those pretty pieces of paper are truly wonderful, at the end of the day,the true Medicine lies within and is only accessed through practice, discipline and devotion. I've gone deep into all of these pathways, yet I rely upon none of them.

When we dance together on the path of healing, I pull from all of these wisdom lineages and listen deeply into the song of your own soul. With compassion and curiosity, I help you discover your own healing capacity, and simply serve as witness to your embodied unfolding.


I walk this path of humbly divine embodiment every day. This is the way of my life now, and I celebrate the ability to welcome others into their bodies and their brilliance through this integrative path, however it manifests in each moment.

When choosing to work with me as a facilitator, you can know that I carry within me the red, golden and silver threads of every lineage I have initiated into, and a shimmering rainbow thread of That Which Is Beyond. It is my sacred honor to sing the songlines of your soul and lovingly guide and support you in your process of embodied soulful healing.  

When not travelling around the world visiting sites sacred offering prayers and love or and leading enchanting immersive healing retreats in remote locations, I call southeastern Wisconsin home where I am currently collaborating in co-creation of a thriving women's wellness collective bringing cutting edge healing modalities and mystical arts to rural communities here in the heartland. 

In prayerful wonder, radiant devotion and embodied wonderous delight, I wish you love from my unified womb-heart to yours.

May you remember each moment that you are blessed, for indeed, you are the blessing.