Merging Polarities - A 40 Day Journey Through Fear and Hate into

Compassion and Faith









Recently I've been noticing (hard to not!) an absolutely astounding level of polarity in the collective. Through social media, news media, and literally anywhere I turn, it feels as though so many are choosing to see the world through the lens of black and white, right and wrong, up and down.

I get it - it feels easier. We all have so much to process, it can sometimes feel as though there isn't hardly any space for nuance. I too have been surfing these waves, curious what is true, curious what is necessary, curious where all the hate and fear originates...

While I certainly don't have all the answers, what I do have now is a knowing that there is another way - a way of integration, integrity, grace and even pleasure in the face of absolute chaos. It's not the only way - there are innumerable paths to Source. And, it's a way that's worked for me, and a way that is now my privilege to share with those who feel ready to embody and imprint within the collective a frequency of wholeness, balance and calm.

For those among you who feel there must be a balance point, a perspective of calm clarity and conscious connection with Source available amidst all the world is navigating, I have cultivated a special 40 day guided experience to support you in the blossoming of your innate peaceful Source self.

Beginning on May 11th, I'll be leading a powerful process and practice experience, and would love to welcome you into it.

This might be for you if you know yourself to be a healer, a helper, a seeker or a seer, but have felt perhaps a bit knocked off center a through these last months of worldly events.

Do not fear, my friends. Hope does still glow within the heart, and you are not alone.

Only by embodying the wholeness which encompasses duality can we move forward as a collective into a reality which truly nourishes all life. We don't need more opinions or accusations, more fingers pointed or separation. What we need right now more than ever is connection, compassion, understanding and spacious grace.

Are you one of the ones hearing the call to embody this essence of gracious compassion and spacious wholeness?

Thank goddess you're here!


If you feel like you'd benefit from some support through the process, this course is curated especially for those of you who are called to look at and acknowledge the ways your words, thoughts and actions are contributing to polarization on this planet, and perhaps even more importantly, this course is *really* for you if you are willing to look at it all, AND THEN EMBODY THE SOLUTIONS.

This is the time now, friends.

No more playing on the sidelines.

No more thinking "they" are the problem, over there.

No more abdicating personal power by avoiding responsibility.

We are the change we are waiting for, and the time has come for us to join together, joyfully work through our shadows to integrate the limitless magnificence of our own luminosity, then fearlessly forge forward with conscious awareness and tools to transmute the illusion of separation into the expansive embodiment of our innate wholeness.

This course isn't for everybody, but it just might be for you if you long for a life where the dance of duality is not perceived as the only possibility.

Are you ready to invest in your own gracious growth while stepping in and up as a lighthouse for others in this tumultuous time?

If it's singing to your soul or even whispering to your unconscious mind, spaces remain available for this deep dive into Oneness, and together is how we thrive.

I love you.

Let's do this.


Though this course you will:

  • Transform the way you experience uncertainty, unlocking an experience of gracious ease

  • Develop inner awareness and step further onto the path of self sovereignty

  • Establish yourself within the Neutral Mind

  • Become empowered to hold a space of compassion first for self, then rippling out to all others beyond any surface-mind

  • Experience better sleep, more vivid dreams and deeper connection with the stillness of Turiya, That Which Is Beyond

Through this course, you will also receive: 

  • Weekly deep-dive virtual sharing and remembering circles facilitated by Shri

  • A luscious and nourishing daily practice

  • Supportive community/Spiritual Sangha journeying through this process together

  • Lifetime access to the "virtual schoolroom" where all class materials, recordings and teachings will be housed


It is my heart's prayer

and deep soul intention that

this offering of love supports you in integrating the polarities within yourself to embody the wholeness beyond all story of limitation and lack.

It's time.