Embody Your Inner Goddess

A Four Month Course to

Realign you with your own

Right Rhythm

This ground-breaking and empowering course will guide you step-by-step into remembering and learning to fully embody a way of life in rhythm with the cycles of the cosmos.

Each module is filled to the brim with practical, insightful and (perhaps most importantly) easily applicable tools, tips and tricks for living a life of embodied divinity.

While this might sound a little woo-woo

- and don't worry, there's plenty of woo for everyone -

this is at it's core a down-to-earth, truly practical training customized to support you in discovering for yourself what it means to live in Inner Harmony.

Drawing from my near decade of experience in harmonic relationship with the moon, as well as my extensive study of yogic and vedantic philosophy, anatomy, theory and practice, this course will give you the tools you need to live in what some traditions call "Right Rhythm" - a true gift.

Let me share with you the most potent practices I've picked up along the path!

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If you'd like to read more details about this course and soul calling, read on!

~ Unveil ~

The Gates of the Womb













Week 1:

Gate 1 – The Maiden

In this module, you will discover the power of menstruation, reclaim your own menarche story, and unlock and heal from old memories stored in the “Jade Gate” or entrance of the yoni and outer architecture of the clitoris.


You will receive:

  • Journaling questions around menarche, menstruation and your relationship with your moon blood

  • A toning practice to vibrationally awaken the first gate of the womb

  • Shamanic menstruation tools and practices to deepen your relationship with your blood

  • A Yoni Nidra practice to journey into this gate


Week 2:

Gate 2 – The Mother

In this module, you will be guided into an exploration of your own inner mother, and will discover and learn to practice the sacred art of the fertility awareness method (relevant for all women, menstruating or no). You will also be invited into discovery of your own erotic innocence and receive instructions on how to activate your “sacred spot” along the inside wall of the vagina.


You will receive:

  • A toning practice to vibrationally awaken the second gate of the womb

  • Detailed instructions and resources about the Fertility Awareness Method and cyclical living

  • A Yoni Nidra practice to journey into this gate


Week 3:

Gate 3 – The Crone

This week we will tap into the cosmic power of the cervix, and discover how this incredible portal can tap you directly into Source.


You will receive:

  • A toning practice to vibrationally awaken the third gate of the womb

  • Self-pleasure practices and erotic instructions for how to awaken and nourish your cervix

  • A Yoni Nidra practice to guide you into relationship with this holy portal

  • Yoni Steaming and Smudging Instructions


Week 4:

Gate 4 – Floor of the Womb

In this week’s practices, you will enter the shamanic medicine wheel of the womb and begin to learn the art of ceremony through the elemental resonance of the womb.


You will receive:

  • A toning practice to vibrationally awaken the fourth gate of the womb

  • Ritual and ceremonial suggestions for earth-womb connection

  • Womb self-massage guidance

  • Special earth anointing oil recipe

  • Mantras to honor the Earth of the Body and the Body of the Earth


Week 5:

Gate 5 – Right Ovary

Unleash your creative potential in this week’s journey to activate your inner fire.


You will receive:

  • Journaling practices to uncover where you’ve given your power away – and how to take it back

  • Pranayam (breath practices) to cultivate your inner fire

  • A special inner fire mantra practice

  • A toning practice to vibrationally awaken the fifth gate of the womb


Week 6:

Gate 6 – Ceiling of the Womb

Tap into the wisdom of your ancestors and

awaken the inner ear of the oracle

in this week’s deep dive into the elemental energy of Air.


You will receive:

  • A toning practice to vibrationally awaken the sixth gate of the womb

  • A guided journey meditation to connect with and reclaim the wisdom of your ancestors

  • Guidance on how (and why!) to build an ancestral altar

  • Recipes for intuitive incense creation

  • Song of the Soul creative practice


Week 7:

Gate 7 – Left Ovary

Reclaim the power of your flow of emotions and drop into the depths of your own watery

brilliance with this week’s exploration of your relationship with flow.


You will receive:

  • A toning practice to vibrationally awaken the seventh gate of the womb

  • Ritual bathing and ceremonial bathing instructions and support

  • Recipes for cleansing, healing and empowering bathing experiences

  • A meditation to connect you with the wisdom of the Whale Nation


Week 8:

The Birthing Portal

Claim your space in the seat of your power, and move to the center of the Wheel of Life.

You are empowered now to “ride the dragon” and

direct your life from a place of power, purpose and passion.


You will receive:

  • A toning practice journey to empower every single gate and unlock the final seat of your own womb wisdom

  • Guidance on how to stay firmly in your womb power no matter the outward circumstances

  • Mantras to purify and empower your holy vessel


Week 9

The Menstruating Womb

We will revisit the concepts of shamanic menstruation and discover for ourselves

the deep wisdom of the body and it’s releasing and re-birthing capacities


You will receive:

  • Mantras for menstruation

  • Tantric tools for optimal menstrual experiencing

  • Ayurvedic practices to support each phase of your moon cycle

  • Movement practices and guidelines for menstruation


Bonus Week: Self-Care for the Soul

A special treat, this week will feature a special bonus call with

Ali Clark, owner of Yellow Heart Sisters, a self-care cooperative dedicated to improving the lives of women everywhere.

She will be sharing about daily self-care habits and how to care reverently for the holy temple of our bodies.


~ Empower ~

The Ten Great Wisdom Goddesses











Week 1:

Kali and Tara

Cyclical Awareness, Menstruality Consciousness and Fertility Awareness Method


In the very first week, we will explore the nature of Kali as time, and in that exploration, we will learn to relate our menstrual cycles with the moon, the seasons and the cyclical rhythm of all life.

You will receive:

  • Learn how to chart your moon cycle and why it’s so powerful (relevant for those of us with and without wombs!)

  • Menstrual Sadhana/Dark Moon stillness practices

  • Learn why hormonal birth control may not be your friend, and what options exist for those longing to listen to their own bodies

  • Mantras to connect with Tara, the guiding light of insight and Kali Ma, the destroyer of darkness

  • A Meditation to attune you to your Moon Centers


Week 2:

Bhuvaneshvari and Chinnamasta

Pregnancy and Post-natal, Child Loss


This week, we will meet the Mahavidyas who stand as guardians over the initiatory gateways of pregnancy, the post-natal recovery period and child loss. We will explore briefly through the perspective of these gatekeepers the power of the creative process and the potency of reclaiming our wombs as our own.


You will:

  • Learn about gentle herbal allies for fertility, pregnancy, and the post-natal period

  • Tap into your own birthing power – whether desiring to birth a baby, a business, or any other creative seed

  • Discover ways to open the energy of the womb to release what no longer serves and subsequently open into what is longing to be brought forward


You will receive:

  • Gentle breathwork and meditation practices to strengthen the womb-heart connection

  • Mantras for Bhuvaneshvari, Chinnamasta and Adi Shakti


Week 3:

Bagalamukhi and Bhairavi

Pre-menopause, Menopause, coming into contact with our own power


This week we will meet the fierce inner warriors who teach us about the importance of boundaries, personal integrity and deep, primal connection with the earth. Through their stories and symbolism we will together explore what it means to hold power in the body, and what they can teach us about our roles as embodied women in the world.


You will receive:

  • Kriya to release anger

  • Meditation to strengthen the auric field

  • Breathwork to cool the body

  • Mantras to Bagalamukhi, Bhairavi and more


Week 4:

Dhumavati and Tripura Sundari

Original Innocence and the Power of Forgetting


In this class we will learn the symbolism and stories of the Grandmother of the Great Wisdoms, and reclaim our Original Innocence through meeting Tripura Sundari, the beauty of the three worlds and our inner untouched soul light..


You will receive:

  • A Yoga Nidra practice for letting go of the past and reclaiming our birthright

  • Mantras for Dhumavati and Tripura Sundari

  • Releasing ritual invitations

  • Instructions on yoni smudging


Week 5:

Kamalatmika and Matangi

Creativity and Sexuality

This is where the real juice starts to flow! We are ready now, in this medicine wheel of protection and support, to dip our toes in the waters of our fertile, creative womb-wise selves, and to discover the pleasure which is our birthright.


You will receive:

  • A Yoni Nidra practice for connecting your psyche with the portal of your yoni and opening you into orgasmic pleasure

  • Mantras for Kamalatmika and Matangi

  • Yoni Egg and Yoni Wand how-tos

  • Self-pleasure practices


Bonus Week: The Sister Shadow and The Mother Wound

Special bonus call featuring Sonia Horowitz, Ethnomycologist and Historian

speaking on women’s history through the ages

and the power and potency of healing our relational interactions


~ Unleash ~

Vocal Embodiment










Week 1:

Vocal Embodiment

Learn how to tone your own soul note

and why discovering this note can be

the key

to claiming your soul’s purpose and place upon this planet.


You will receive:

  • Vocal Yoga practices to strengthen your voice and soul presence

  • Worksheets for working with your own sound

  • Journaling practices


Week 2:

Moon Magic

This week will introduce two powerful yogic practices for

attunement with lunar magic

as well as build upon the foundation of

vocal toning exercises set worth in the previous week.


You will receive:

  • Detailed instructions on two different practices for working with the light of the moon

  • Sound Sphere creation

  • Practices for self-pleasure with the moon


Week 3:

Sound of Your Soul

In this week’s coursework you’ll be invited to create time and space for your own creative expressions, however they may manifest. Your soul has a spark of divinity, and your mission on this planet is to unleash it’s brilliance upon the world. Let these practices help you do just that!


You will receive:

  • A guided meditation journey to discover for yourself and claim your soul’s gifts

  • Journaling prompts to help you tap into your creative brilliance

  • Mantras for creativity, clarification and concentration

  • Guideline suggestions for how to create time and space for your own creative unfolding

  • Support for setting up your self-pleasure as spiritual practice


Week 4:

Closing the Container

Claiming Your Gifts 

Announcing Your Soul Self

This final week will feature a special live closing ceremony

during which you may announce yourself as holder of your soul gifts

as you courageously claim your dharmic destiny.


You will receive:

  • A closing culmination ceremonial practice and meditation process

  • Initiation into secret mantras of the Goddess to support you in your soul’s unfolding journey

  • Empowerment rippling through all areas of your soul’s highest expression

Ready to jump in, Devi?

The whole world waits for


and this course gives you the tools

to allow it to unfurl.