The time has come for your remembering







Beloved one, allow me to remind you:

You carry a unique and sacred soul signature, a song of Remembering only you can birth into the world. You were born of earth and starshine, you are Divinity made whole. Let us together step into the healing temple of the Divine Feminine and remember our birthright, our own sacred name - let us remember the Great Goddess lives within.


I invite you to join me for a 10-month journey into the heart of the Feminine Mysteries.


Though this course you will transform:

  • Your relationship with your womb, your heart, your psyche and your soul

  • Your understanding of your place in this swirling, spiraling cosmos

  • Your relationship with the earth and the earth of your own body

You will learn:

  • How to live an empowered life in harmony with the cyclical nature of the universe

  • How and why to establish a daily sadhana

  • Spiritually empowering ancient practices to heal, awaken and empower the Womb

  • Ayurvedic food and lifestyle guidlines to deeply nourish your sacred body temple and strengthen your soul/body connection

  • Profound healing mantras for the Goddess

  • The power of Feminine Prayer and the art of Body Prayers

  • All about the mystical portals of menarche, menses, menopause and maturity in a women's life cycle

  • Practical, applicable and transformational tools to support you in every facet of your life now and throughout the rest of your life

You will also receive: 

  • Bi-weekly live, interactive video teaching circles via Zoom (recorded for your convenience and for revisiting for further deepening)

  • Instructions and ceremonial guidance for allindividual and collective rituals to activate your Inner Goddess

  • Special bonuses, surprises


It is my heart's prayer

and deep soul intention that

this offering of love supports you profoundly in the blossoming of your own soul's light which is

the embodiment of your own Inner Goddess.

Beginning on the New Moon in January 2020, I am opening the virtual temple doors for thirteen committed women to join in the circle and explore together the rich and vibrant path of Feminine Embodiment. If your soul sings and your womb warms at the thought of gathering with me and other divine goddesses to remember for ourselves the sacredness of our own selves in this second annual Embody the Goddess journey, please see below to schedule your absolutely free exploratory video call with me. Together, we will explore how Embody the Goddess can support your soul, and if you’re a good fit for this deep dive into feminine alchemical embodiment. If you are feeling a big radiating YES for this journey, purchase your spot HERE.